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Disability & Special Needs Support, 

Resources and Merchandise 

Special Education Products, Games & Toys

We have worked hard to locate the right mix of activities for fun and learning. Our selection of Educational Tools, Games and Toys will help meet each child’s individual and educational needs for home, community or school. Teaching and enhancing new skills at home or in the classroom while promoting independence can be easier with these products. Improve development through individual or group play or in a structured learning environment while having fun. If you are not sure where to start take a look at the available Curriculum and Assessments to get children on the right path to success.

  • Classroom and Program Management - A wide variety of curriculum, flashcards, books, and materials designed to support academic IEP goals. Tools that will help you teach your students to read, write, and build math skills. Language products range from beginning language to advanced pragmatic language and social skills.
  • Reading & Literacy
  • Money, Consumer Math, and Time Teaching Tools
  • Teaching Wh Questions - Questions that contain Who What Where When Why is a vital social skill that can be mastered with practice. Don't be discouraged there is a wide variety of games, flash card sets and more available to hep increase individuals the skill of conversation. These teaching tools are designed for fun to keep everyone involved motivated in formulating and answering Who, What, Where, When and Why questions. Games are available for specific topics and themes to help develop areas of concern. For example a theme centered around "what's wrong with this picture" or "Who are these people on our community".